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Our Gewardz Reward Card has multiple uses


Reward Employees

Working with our Reward points program, employees a decide to draw these onto their Gewardz Card and decide how they Reward themselves. The only limit is their imagination!


Reward Customers

As we can see from our clients, when they say thank you; with our Gewardz Reward Card, to their customers it greatly increases loyalty and leads to more repeat business.



Give the gift of a Gewardz Reward card to sponsor teams or events

Our GEWARDZ ASSIST PROGRAM provides an ideal reward solution

Our GEWARDZ ASSIST PROGRAM combines health and wellness with our GEWARDZ REWARD CARD, to deliver low-cost high-value  solutions to help our clients Reward and Retain their employees.

With the ever-increasing time it takes to get an appointment and the increasing costs of visiting a GP, wouldn’t be great to know that as an employer you can cover this cost for employees and their families.

In addition, providing them with confidential access to counselling appointments can help to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Reach out to learn more about how our GEWARDZ REWARD solutions can help your business today


Unlimited GP Appointments

With GP waiting times continually increasing not to mention the cost of each GP visit, through our Gewardz Assist Program, you can see and book appointments for a time that suits you. All appointments are done with certified Doctors and delivered through phone or video consultations. During the appointment, if the GP believes a prescription is necessary, they will email this to a pharmacy of your choice.


Mental Wellness

Mental health and wellness have never been more important than now. Unfortunately waiting times specifically for counselling services are now well more than 6 months with most people having to seek private clinicians. Similarly to booking GP appointments,  you can book counselling appointments at the touch of a button.


Specialist Advisory Services

Whether members are experiencing issues around debt (not surprising in the current cost of living crises) or need some legal advice, our specialist helplines are available. We work with the leading providers in this space and can help steer the right course of action.

It Is Estimated The Global Loyalty Management Market Value by 2026 Will Be Worth


The Ever Growing Cost of Disengaged Employees To UK Companies Per Annum


Executives Who have Increased Loyalty Investment Over The Past Two Years


Marketers Who List Brand Loyalty as One of the Top Goals of Their Strategies


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We believe EVERY business should consider a well-structured and managed Employee Reward Program to deliver sustainable growth.

We also believe that Rewarding should extend to Customers to help cultivate long-term loyalty and increase the value of your business.

Of course, we love rewards, so why not ask about our Referral Program and earn Reward points you can spend ANYWHERE that accepts our Gewardz Reward Card.

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